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“We cannot advance or appropriately defend our interests and lives as Afrikan people if we place the fate of our community in the hands of the educational establishment of our oppressors and enemies, and in the hands of those Afrikans educated in them. Afrikan peoples and Afrikan leaders should be the recipients of an Afrikan-centered education. No Afrikan should be granted leadership in the community who has not been certified through education or experience as Afrikan-centered in consciousness, identity and orientation.”
Amos N. Wilson.

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September 28, 2021


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“Rastas Capture North West; Province Thanks Them And Calls For Full Legalization.

Rastas have been the custodians of cannabis

The North West Provincial Government has called for the full legalization of recreational cannabis and has thanked the Rastafarian community for holding the faith.  North West MEC for Agriculture Desbo Mohono said that prayer opened doors, and the Rastafarian community had led the way in unlocking the healing powers on cannabis.

North West Health Department spokesperson Mokete Kolojane welcomed the attendees to a North West government cannabis webinar on 28 September 2021  “in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost”, and said the Rastafaran community should be thanked for being mindful of the plant and alerting researchers to the potential it had in trying to find treatments for communicable diseases.

“When the Rastas meet, they call it a reasoning session, a time when knowledge is shared and wisdom is imparted.  The music they play soothes the soul and the mind and they chill, I think it’s called ‘nyumbingi’; they enjoy the music and it helps them think positively; and they are showing us how to think positively in seeing how cannabis may play a role in helping people with HIV Aids and Covid-19.”

“Let this be our reasoning session” she said.

Mohono continued with the Rasta theme:  “Glory be to the maker and the father of creation, Jah Rastafari” she said in her opening address on a “Things only go wrong when the right people keep quiet, and we are not keeping quiet anymore”.

NW Province rooting for recreational

“This is a historic day because we are rooting for recreational!”

She said the North West farming community wanted to benefit from cannabis: its medicinal use, the varied applications of hemp and “as a recreational drug”.

“We are after all a recreational country” she said.

She said the National Cannabis Master Plan (NCMP) needed to be implemented as a priority to alleviate poverty and full legalization was needed to bring informal cannabis growers into the mainstream.

“The illegal cannabis industry is worth a whopping R28 billion, let me say that again, R28 billion. Product is flying off the shelves in the black market and we should be benefitting”.

Mohono said the Rastafarian community had displayed a consistency of principle in being the custodians of cannabis and thanked them for enlightening people to the healing properties of the plant.   

Fields of Green for All (FGFA) co-founder, Myrtle Clarke, told Cannasphere TV on 22 September 2021 that much of this was due to the Rustenberg Rasta community which had played a strong role in educating officialdom and the public about the benefits of cannabis.

‘We want opportunities, not opportunists’

North West MEC Mohono also warned against foreign interests taking control of South Africa’s cannabis industry, saying “now that we are ready to dish, they are suddenly ready to come in”.

“When opportunity comes, we don’t want opportunists coming in, people who just go with the flow. Cannabis is a serious business and getting into this industry won’t be easy, but we need to focus on how our people can make a living out of this herb. Our people have been doing this for a long time but a lot of skills need to be developed and capacity built

“When everyone is down, we need to be high to be where this is heading” said a spokesman for the North West Premiers office.  The webinar, attended by over 240 people, was aimed at kickstarting a cannabis dialogue. Representatives from SAHPRA, DALRDD, the CSIR and the Agricultural Research Council all pledged to help small-scale growers get into the cannabis space.

The North West Government said it was officially adopting the NCMP and was committed to developing a cannabis economy but that there were regulatory and funding issues.

Webinar attendee Lerato Matsuanyane posed the million-dollar question that nobody could answer: “The majority of farmers are resource limited and capital to source technology is restricted. What can be done to ensure this does not end up as library studies or research that benefits the elite (those with deep pockets)?”

September 28, 2021

September 16, 2021

September 2, 2021

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August 21, 2021

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August 20, 2021

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How Afrika and the Afrikan Diaspora can benefit from this information from Nana Amos Wilson-Ancestor